Animal Requirements & Barn Info
(a printable PDF document with this info is available by clicking here)


There will be a vet check performed on each alpaca, whether they are entered in the show or not, before it is admitted to the show venue. All alpacas must be sound, healthy, and free of internal and external parasites.
  • A current Health Certificate (CVI) by a veterinarian dated September 18, 2015 or later, is required for each on-site animal and must be presented at the check-in site before animals may enter the show venue. A copy of the CVI will be retained by the show. A copier will not be available on-site, so it may be necessary for you to leave the premises to obtain a copy if you do not bring one.
  • Animals with diarrhea must be placed in quarantine area immediately.
  • No animal may be housed in a vehicle or trailer while in the parking lot.
  • All alpacas entering the venue must be microchipped. The microchip number must be included on the CVI. The WCAS will have a microchip reader, however it is advised that you have available a reader capable of displaying your brand of microchip.
  • Please be advised – no dogs will be allowed at the show venue this year.
  • All alpacas entering the show venue will be required to have proof of a negative PCR test for BVDV, on the CVI or a copy of form from the testing lab.
  • The registration number and microchip number must be recorded on the CVI for every alpaca entering the fairgrounds. Due to health and safety considerations, all on-site alpacas must be at least 6 months of age.
Exhibitors from outside the state are responsible for learning and meeting the health requirements for interstate transport. We recommend you check to see what current transport regulations are in effect.

Microchip Identification
It is the responsibility of the owner of every alpaca entering the venue to be able to corroborate the identity of each alpaca. The identification of each alpaca is by microchip. If you have an unusual microchip, please bring your reader with you.


You must supply your own feed and water containers. You are responsible for cleaning your own stalls; please bring your own rake and shovel. Disposal of waste must be put in clearly marked containers.


All companion animals must have a microchip and meet all alpaca health requirements. Please list you companion animal on the halter entry form.


Stalls will be 6x12. Flooring is compacted dirt so please bring a mat. Electricity is included, please bring your own surge protector. Animals may not be kept in display stalls. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own stalls upon leaving unless they are a sponsor or pay extra for after show clean up.


Please specify if you will be sharing stall space with another exhibitor. The barn manager will make every effort to locate you near another exhibitor, however, if an exhibitor is a sponsor and has priority stall placement, non-sponsors requests may not be honored. Please include a diagram of the requested space arrangement, including electricity.


Each stall is limited to 2 adult/yearling, 3 juvenile alpacas OR 2 female alpacas with crias (<5 months old) at their side. Crias must meet health requirements.