Ad pricing for the show program
  • Business Card B/W $10
  • Business Card Color $20
  • 1/4-page color $45
  • 1/2-page color $85 (vertical or horizontal ad layout)
  • Full page color $160
Ad Specifications
Ad specifics: Advertising content must be submitted electronically via email or CD. Recommended file format is jpg (jpeg) or PDF If the file size is large, send it on a CD. Please remember that a low quality file will not print that well, especially ½ or full page color ads, so if you want quality ads send them on a CD to ensure quality.

If you do not have your ad or business card in electronic format and you do not own or have access to a scanner, you may arrange with the show program manager to mail a hardcopy (actual business card or good quality copy of your advertisement) and have it scanned. If your business cards are done professionally, the designer will often provide you with artwork on a CD as a courtesy.

Promotional items/printed flyers to be included in all welcome packets at check-in:
  • Deadline is September 26 unless other arrangements are made with Kay Rodriquez
  • Mail to Eva Fisher 11259 Juniper Dr, Nevada City, CA 95959